We will help you get your bookkeeping in order and your finances on track.

As a Business Owner running a business, we know you’ve got a lot on your plate! What you are looking for is a solid plan for your finances and the exact help you need that will free you up to do the work you want. Isn’t it time you are able to rest easy and know you are profitable and growing every month?!
As A Business Owner
You should be able to keep doing the work you’re passionate about and have peace of mind knowing that your finances are all in order and working for you, rather than against you.  
But the reality is, if you don’t know your numbers, it’s likely that you’re losing money!


Our bookkeeping services have helped organizations solve business issues and assist with core bookkeeping functions. True Blue helps in areas including but not limited to accounts payable, accounts receivable, & payroll.

Financial Statement Preparation

Our team has the knowledge, experience, and dedication to provide precise and timely financial statement preparation services. We offer tailored services to your organization, ensuring your organization’s unique accounting and reporting needs are met.

Monthly Reporting

With True Blue Financials, you will receive thorough and detailed accounting reports that best suit your organization. Our highly driven and dedicated accountants provide accurate monthly financial reports.

Year-End Reporting

We are one of Atlanta’s leading firms providing financial year-end reporting services. Our team can support you in any way needed, including preparation of Form 1099s. As our clients can attest, we provide nothing less than accurate, detailed, and timely year-end reporting services.

Account Reconciliations

We offer dependable account reconciliation services that clearly and accurately reflect financial statements. As a benefit to your organization, our timely reports ensure balances are accurate.

Audit Preparation

True Blue Financials is dedicated to delivering organized audit preparation services with all up-to-date practices in order to deliver proper and satisfactory results. Our team will manage your financial audit process with the accuracy, detail, and meticulousness our firm is known for.

Let's Tackle Your Business Finances

If you are ready to have complete peace of mind and get your finances in the hands of experts that specialize in business growth & profitability, we would love to talk to you!